1. Building Code

    View the current building codes used by the County.

  2. Report a Violation

    Find out how to report a Code violation.

  3. Electrical Standards

    Apply for an electrical license with the County.

  4. Minimum Livability Code

    Learn how the Minimum Livability Code applies to residential rental properties in areas outside of incorporated towns.

  5. Plumbing

    Find out how to apply for a plumbing license for Caroline County.

  6. Road Names & Addressing

    Discover how the County's comprehensive addressing system helps provide enhanced 911 location services.

  7. Salvage Yards & Outside Storage

    Learn about what kind of outside storage is permitted under County Code and apply for a Salvage Yard license.

  8. Critical Areas

    Learn how the State Critical Area law may impact your property if your land is within 1,000 feet of a river or stream.

  9. Floodplain Management

    Stay up to date with information regarding the County's floodplain regulations.

  10. Construction Trades Board