Pending Legislation

The County Commissioners serve both the legislative and executive functions of local government.

Commissioners Enact Solar Moratorium, Create Work Groups

 The Commissioners have enacted a temporary moratorium on certain solar development in order to update the County Code's existing requirements in light of changing technology, changing consumer demands,and changed to existing infrastructure in the County, and to evaluate the taxing, siting and construction of additional solar energy systems.

The Commissioners have created two Work Groups, one primarily focused on land use issues, and one primarily focused on issues related to taxation. These groups have up to six months to study these matters, finalize their recommendations, and propose policy changed to better achieve the goals expressed in the Caroline County Comprehensive Plan before additional development occurs that may be contrary to the goals of the Plan. It is the Commissioners' intention that the County work as quickly as possible in order to provide some certainty to both the industry and property owners, as well as the winder community.

The Land Use Work Group is primarily comprised of residents, and chaired by the Director of the Department of Planning and Codes. It includes representation from the solar industry, as well as the Farm Bureau, conservation groups, power distribution, property owners, and the Planning Commission. The Taxation work group is largely comprised of internal County staff, as well the local Supervisor of Assessments from the State Department of Assessments and Taxation

All meeting of the Work Groups will be open to the public, and can be found on the Main Calendar. Agendas and minutes are available in the Agenda Center. (scroll down to Solar Moratorium Work Group)

Questions regarding the Temporary Moratorium can be referred to the Chief of Staff, Sara Visintainer or 410-479-0660. 

Next Meeting: May 25th at 10:00 AM (Caroline County Central Library, 2nd floor, 100 Market Street, Denton)