August 22, 2000

Denton, Maryland


The regularly scheduled meeting of the County Commissioners of Caroline County, Maryland, convened at 9:30 AM in the Hearing Room, Courthouse, Denton.


Franklin W. Prettyman, Vice President

John S. LeGates, Member

Charles C. Cawley, County Administrator


John W. Cole, President.

On motion by Mr. LeGates, the minutes of August 15, 2000 were approved with corrections and additions. Vouchers #53420 - #53502 were approved for payment. The biweekly direct payroll was approved for release.

Mr. Cawley reported that the past two years of County Commissioners meeting minutes are now on the County website.

Mr. Prettyman reported on the Maryland Association of Counties conference attended by some County government officials last week, stating that the workshops, including one on relationship-building with the Board of Education, were informative and the conference fee well-spent. Mr. Cawley will obtain more information on Charles County’s approach to Board of Education accountability.

On motion by Mr. LeGates, the Commissioners approved a contingency account expenditure in the amount of $957.50 to the Office of the Public Defender for the Robert Allen Smith v. State Janill Hill v. State Kevin Bolden FY 2000 transcript costs.

The Commissioners, having received copies of major purchase orders in advance, on individual motions by Mr. LeGates, approved and Mr. Prettyman signed the following purchase orders:

#19882 - $0 - ASCOM – One year meter rental agreement with promotion with ASCOM c/o Shannon Business Systems;

#19883 - $ 3,734 - Shannon Business Systems - ASCOM Hasler mailing system and scale for County health and public services building, Denton;

#20700 - $17,814 - O. E. Breeding & Sons - 5,938 cu. yds. pit gravel for July 2000 for Clark and Detour road improvements;

#20705 - $21,408.38 - Maryland Environmental Service - 450.72 tons of refuse for July 2000 disposed of in regional landfill; and

#20710 - $ 2,400 - Creative Irrigation Design, Inc. - furnish and install irrigation system per proposal in front of Courthouse.

On motion by Mr. LeGates, the Commissioners approved for payment from the contingency account a bill from Holler Associates in the amount of $1,260.30 for services to the Caroline County Education Study Commission.

On motion by Mr. Prettyman and seconded by Mr. LeGates, the Commissioners reiterated their desire to have smoking on the Courthouse portico and front concourse eliminated by installation of appropriate signage, and enforcement by appropriate means. Mr. Cawley will determine if there is a legal obligation to provide shelter for smokers.

Mr. Cawley reviewed the results of the FY 1999-2000 audit of Dayspring Townhomes I and II, Ridgely, affordable housing owned by Caroline County, as performed by Hertzbach Company, P.A. Neither had material weaknesses. Both lost money, but both had positive cash flows for the year. Mr. Cawley has been concerned about the Townhomes’ cash flows and accumulated losses, but indicated some improvements have been made in asset management.

On motion by Mr. LeGates, the Commissioners approved the following FY 2000-2001 revised requested payment schedule for the Caroline County Board of Education:

August 2 $ 299,938.

August 31 1,199,751.

September 27 1,199,751.

October 25 899,812.

November 30 899,812.

December 20 899,812.

January 24 899,812.

February 28 899,812.

March 21 899,812.

April 30 899,812.

May 31 899,812.

June 29 899,8l2.

Total $10,797,748.

Mr. Prettyman reviewed the presentation he heard on the proposed Fibroshore power plant at the MACo convention. The Dorchester County Commissioners have approved the plant for siting somewhere in Dorchester County and are asking Eastern Shore counties, who stand to benefit from the plant, to write to the Governor in support of the project. The plant burns used poultry litter and lumber operation residue as its fuel. Three such plants have been in successful operation in Europe for almost ten years. On motion by Mr. LeGates, the Commissioners approved and Mr. Prettyman signed a letter to Governor Glendening conveying the Caroline County Commissioners’ support for the project, and asking that the state move expeditiously on entering into the necessary power purchase agreement with Fibrowatt, the parent company.

Helen Spinelli, economic development administrator, reported that phase I and phase II environmental assessments on the old Pinkett Shorelines property in Denton proposed for purchase by the County as the headquarters for the USTAR public transportation program should be complete in several days. The property so far appears to be clean. There will probably be a wetlands delineation on about three acres. Spinelli has made provision for additional title work in the closing costs since the property has changed ownership frequently. Spinelli has been working with the Town of Denton on the project. The property will be annexed into the Town, and the needed 10% local match will come from a water and sewer extension grant the Town has applied for. Since the property is located in a state-recognized Priority Funding Area, the state will pay for the cost of acquiring this property as long as it is owned by the County. The County will enter into a long-term lease with Upper Shore Aging, Inc. for use of the facility. The County has until October 1 to complete the sale. On motion by Mr. LeGates, the Commissioners approved and Mr. Prettyman signed Addendum to Contract of Sale with Greensboro LLC, seller, extending the time allowed to perform the environmental site assessment on the property.

The success of Year 2000 Summerfest, which took place over the weekend, was discussed. The Commissioners requested a letter to each participating County department thanking them for their volunteer efforts, to be prepared in large type and posted.

There being no further business, the meeting of the County Commissioners was adjourned by unanimous consent.



Leigh Sands

Executive Assistant