The Caroline County Department of Corrections operates the County Detention Center located at 101 Gay Street in Denton. The Detention Center is a historic building on the banks of the Choptank River and also serves as the home for the Caroline County Sheriff’s Office.

The Detention Center is a secure correctional facility. Inmates can spend up to 18 months at the facility. Individuals with longer sentences are normally sent to a State prison.

A Different Approach
In Caroline County, the majority of our inmates are local residents waiting to stand trial or serving time for lesser offenses. In many areas, the jail is “out of sight and out of mind.”  We take a different approach in Caroline County. With innovative, thoughtful programs like CARE (Community Assistance and Rehabilitation Enterprise), work release, and the cat shelter program, we try to keep our low security inmates involved in the community. Our work programs provide valuable services to local agencies and help lower the cost of corrections for taxpayers. We also have had many success stories where positive work experiences and other programs have helped local residents learn from their mistakes and avoid returning to jail.

Core Mission
Make no mistake, going to jail is hard. While we provide medical and mental health treatment, educational services, religious worship, and counseling, discipline in the jail is firm, fair, and uncompromising. Our core mission is to protect the public. We accomplish this mission not only by keeping our inmates securely within our facility, but by working hard to ensure that they emerge as more responsible citizens upon their reentry into society.