Report a Violation

Violations of the County Code of Local Public Laws should be reported the Codes Inspectors at the Department of Planning and Codes at 410-479-8100. Please keep in mind that reported violations are public record. Anonymous violation reports are accepted. Additionally, to report a violation you may fill out the Code Violation Reporting Form and submit it in person or via mail or fax.

Once a violation has been reported a codes enforcer will investigate the complaint to determine if there is a violation and if the violation is already in the resolution process. If it is determined that this is a new violation, a file is made and an initial notification of violation is sent requesting that it be corrected. If the violation is not corrected, a violation letter is sent Certified Mail indicating that the property owner has 30-60 days to correct the violation. If the violation is not corrected, a citation is issued to the property owner giving them the option to pay a fine or stand trial.

If you receive a notice of violation, it is important to contact the department as soon as possible to begin the process of correcting the violation. For more information, contact the department at 410-479-8100.