Snow Removal
We don’t see snow every winter, but there are times when the Eastern Shore experiences a tough winter. Every fall, we prepare for the worst. If you would like to see how we handle snow, please feel free to look at our Snow Removal Plan.

Our crews perform seasonal mowing on the shoulders of county roads. We normally mow shoulders two or three times a year to improve roadway safety and increase visibility. We also mow in the late fall to improve snow plowing operations.

Please drive slowly and remain alert when passing our crews and mowing equipment.

When Mowers Hit Phone or Cable Television Pedestals
The phone and cable television companies are supposed to maintain the area around equipment pedestals. These green boxes are often mounted low to the ground and can be difficult for our mower operators to see. If we hit a box, we will immediately contact the utility and try to have your service restored as quickly as possible.

Tree & Brush Trimming
Some of our roads are narrow and bordered by trees or brush. To maintain safe county roads, our crews trim trees and brush. Our priority is to ensure ample line-of-sight at intersections and preserving the visibility of road signs. If you have a complaint about trees or brush interfering with traffic, visibility, or signs, please submit a County Service Request.

Road Signs
The county’s Central Shop creates and maintains road signs for county roads. If you see a sign that has been knocked down or that is in disrepair, please submit a County Service Request.

Dead Animals in the Road
Animals killed as a result of traffic is an unavoidable reality of living in a rural, agricultural county. Our foremost concern is public safety. When an unsafe condition is reported, we will send a crew to clear the road. We do not normally send crews for small animals unless there is a risk to traffic.  

Submit a County Service Request to report an animal in the road.

Litter Along the Road
As the “Green Garden County,” we take great pride in our country roads, beautiful farmland and charming small towns. You can do your part to keep Caroline beautiful by following some simple rules to prevent litter:
  • Keep a litter bag in your car and never throw litter (including cigarette butts) out of the window.
  • When hauling trash to the landfill or one of our transfer stations, secure your load.
  • At your home, keep all trash in containers with secure lids.
  • Reuse, recycle, and compost where possible.
  • If you are a business owner or organization, ensure you have ample trash containers for daily use and special events.
  • If you own a dumpster, make sure it is emptied regularly and that the top and side doors stay closed.
  • When you mow, please do not blow grass into the road. Leaving clippings on the lawn or composting them is better for the environment.
If you need information on trash, litter, or recycling, please contact us at 410-479-0520.